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Do you know what H.R. 1 EH is?

Do you know what H.R. 1 EH is? Well it will be law on Feb.
17. It was hidden in the stimulus bill and nobody had a
second to even read it. There was no transparency. It
hasn’t been 30 days and Obama is already screwing us
over. President Obama is going back on his campaign
promises already. I wish [...]

Bernard Madoff

If I shoplifted a Baby Ruth from your basic super market I would be
handcuffed and hauled off to jail. And I would sit in a cell until I saw
the Judge. So how in the hell does Bernard Madoff’s steal 50
BILLION dollars in a Ponzi scheme and get to chill at his crib?

The Legion of Doom.

The Republican National Convention? It was more like, The
Convention Of Fear.