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I Can’t Fuel My Car With Milk.

Sometime last week I read a USA Today Snapshots section about the cost of various liquids. The Snapshots was titled OIL CHEAPER THAN OTHER LIQUIDS. The subtext was: How the price of a barrel (42 gallons) of crude oil - $124.31- compares with a similar amount of other liquids: 2% Milk $147, Tropicana Orange Juice $226, Bud Light $302, Louisiana brand hot sauce $520 and finally Chanel NO. 5 perfume $102,144. Their source was IHS Inc.

All I could think was “what does this matter?” Because if that little bit of useless information is supposed to make me feel good about getting shafted with $4 gas, they (USA Today) are craaazy. Because I can’t put none of that shit in my GAS tank. I have just had it with these gas versus milk nuts. For the last damn time Mr. Wizard we don’t need Milk. We need oil. I will concede that life would not stop if oil just vanished. No more. Gone. But oil is so much more than vehicle fuel. And life without oil, (not Tropicana orange juice) would be a major set back for modern life.

We use it for so much. Oil is processed into tires, plastics, electrical wires, carpets, paint, paper, clothing, cosmetics, insulation, animal food, hoses, shoes, coating, antifreeze, medicine, weed killers, fertilizers, candles, lunch bags, adhesives, brake fluid, propane, asphalt, diesel fuel, butane, kerosene, explosives, jet fuels, styrofoam cups, plastic containers, bicycle grease and other appliances. Glycerin is an ingredient in toothpaste. And it is made from oil.

The price of oil has the greatest effect on society. If all humans stopped using oil based fuel to power vehicles oil prices would still be issue number one. Because as it goes up so does the cost of every damn thing we use. Even if producers of oil based products did not have to raise prices, they would. And they would kindly say blame it on the cost of oil. At this point I am just ready for the shit to dry up all over the Earth.
We would witness some serious science then. We would find a way to replace oil. Oil is the biggest excuse for screwing people known to man. I mean we are fighting a war over it. People are getting killed for this shit. Nobody is catching hell over Chanel No. 5. Who even puts that on their skin.

And lastly Mr. Wizard, the high cost of 2% Milk, Tropicana Orange Juice, Bud Light, Louisiana brand hot sauce and Chanel NO. 5 perfume is attributed to the high cost of oil. Among ingredients and packaging oil is factored into there production. We pay the producers fuel cost. The goods most get to market. That takes oil, diesel, gas, fuel damn it. And the cost of that fuel is passed onto us, the consumer.

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