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See The Dark Knight!

I have been among the very, very many who have seen The Dark Knight. I was more then impressed. It is an awesome film. The story was compelling and filled with action and great tension. The cast was great. Not many unknown day players here. The director used some big names in some small but key parts. The special effects, crazy stunts, explosions and bad ass bike all take a back seat to the performance of Heath Ledger as The Joker.

I knew that Ledger would do a fine job, but damn! I was blown away from the first time he hit the screen. He embodies the true essence of what every writer, illustrator and animater has been trying to convey about this psycho. He was scary, strong, crazy, cowardly, funny and brilliant. He lead a powerful gang, told great stories, and did not fear of The Batman.

Ledger never abruptly went from one extreme to the other. His transition in and out of his many bodies was smooth ya dig, like a second hand on a Rolex watch. Going from 36 to 39 with no tic or toc. I mean he was sick. And that’s good. He sent Anthony Hopkins back to scary school. The make-up was eerie. The big gash at the corners of the Jokers mouth took all the funny out of his clown persona. The Joker did underestimate the will of the people the integrity of the Batman. But he was never in stupid mode. He was very calculative.

I have many favorite parts but I wont ruin it for anybody. But I can report that the camera angles were killer. The fight scenes were filled with some real hard ass looking punches. And people really appeared to be in pain. It had a real big Hollywood opening and a classic hero ending. I loved it. Ledger was great. And that is the understatement from hell. He was so good. I don’t think even he could have repeated that performance again. I am so sorry he passed away. If there is no Oscar for Heath Ledger in 2009, then there is no such thing as an Oscar. See The Dark Knight.

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