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Don’t blame the white man.

In the African American community there is a theory that HIV/AIDS are U.S.Government manufactured viruses. The U.S. Government has tested drugs on it’s citizens without their knowl edge or consent in the past. The Tuskegee Syphilis Study on some 400 plus, African American men for 40 years, is a prime example. Our Government’s history has played a part in the wide belief that HIV/ AIDS was created to destroy blacks world wide.

Blacks do rank number one on the planet when it comes to those infected with HIV/AIDS. So all my conspiracy brothers out there state this fact as proof that whity or whitty is trying to kill our ass.But, maybe it is just our behavior that has caused all the damage. Even if we refuse to to stop sleeping aound, the least and the most thing we can do is were a rubber. Given what we know now about HIV/AIDS, we must act to protect ourselves.

Is the U.S. Government and governments world wide for that matter, doing all that is possible the stop the spread HIV/AIDS? NO. Is there a cure locked away in a top secret vault? MAYBE. But none of that stops us from wearing a condom. Pointing the finger is not going to defeat HIV/AIDS. Unless ofcourse you are standing in the mirror.

Knowledge is our only hope. Safer sex is our only option. I know that casting judgement is a sure fired way to turn someone off to safe sex advice. But our behaviors do need to be examined closely. So how ever you get down wear a rubber. It is just that simple. Why? Because boys and girls raw meat can kill.


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