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Brothers Gonna Work It Out.

On January 20, 2009, Barack Obama was sworn in as the first African American President of the United States. On the day he announced that he was in the race for the office, I was positive that Obama would become President. I did worry days before the election. While I believed that it was possible for Americans to elect an African American President, I couldn’t forget that we do live in America. And African Americans have seen promise; hope and many dreams die simply because of the color of our skin. I was so proud when Mr. Obama became President Obama. Not only because he is African American, but also because white people came through. Understand that
every African American in the country could have voted. I mean every man, woman and child, those in jail and even a few million dead. And it still would not have been enough. We simply don’t have the numbers. Whites had to also believe. Racism is not dead. It is very alive and well. But the election proved that America can and will become a better place for all. Visit

On January 30, 2009, Michael Steele was choosen as Chairman Of the RNC. Now that was the shock of the month for me. Steele is the first African American to do hold the position. Now I’m going to exercise a self-imposed seize fire at this time. I’m going to reframe from calling this man a sell out, an Uncle Tom or a house Negro. Because the idea that in their time of desperation the overwhelming white RNC looks to a black man
to save their party is funny and amazing. It’s crazy. I just what to know if Steele called up President Obama and said “Thank you my brother.” Because if McCain is president Steele doesn’t lead the RNC. But hey it took a life time of hard work and dedication to even be in the position to get elected to such a post. Congratulations Steele. There is more on Steele at the RNC site at

On February 1, 2009, Mike Tomlin became the youngest coach ever to win a Super Bowl. His Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Arizona Cardinals 27 to 23 in Super Bowl 43. Tomlin was not the first African American to win the big game. That door was first kicked by Tony Dungy. Tomlin proves that coaches don’t have to be old as King Tut to be effective. In a short time we’ll come to see younger coaches leading not only NFL Teams
but NHL, NBA and MLB Teams as well. But most of all in the near future more African Americans will lead teams as head coach. Tomlin is calling the shots at

On February 3, 2009, Eric H. Holder Jr. was sworn in as the 82nd Attorney General of the United States. He is the first African American to become head of the Department of Justice. Now this is a big one for me. Holder must put justice back in the department. Black people are being obliterated by the current legal system. Nearly 11 percent of all black men ages 30 to 34 were behind bars as of June 30, 2007. Shit, 1 milloin blacks make up the U.S. Prison population. U.S. Courts are throwing the book at us for the smallest infraction. And the cops, are shooting and killing more unarmed black men then ever before. It is open season on us. Holder must launch some real Federal investigations into these matters. Voice your concerns at

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