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It Is Ok To Name Your Baby Lakeysha.

I want to start by saying or typing that it is ok to name your baby Lakeysha, Deshawn, Sharisha or Tamarr. Period. Now If you are African American and you have a problem with this notion then you are clearly suffering from self doubt. Not self hate, just self doubt.

The idea that you wont name your child a black name because you think your child will be discriminated against because of that name is crazy. If a black woman named Lakeysha puts her name on application and that application gets thrown in the trash simply because of her name then fuck that employer! Look, dig this, if a black woman named Mary Ann Bush filed out an application for the same company the result would be the same.

Oh it would take longer for her application to hit the trash but it would hit the trash no doubt. Once Mary walks up for the face to face interview the employer will see she is clearly black. The discrimination would just start at a later point. Now you may have not been picked for the job because you just were not qualified. Just because your a black woman named Mary does not give you a real advantage. Especially if you’re dealing with a person or persons that sit around and factor in a one’s color as a criteria for employment. So What are you going to do about it ether way.

Who are you going to call. How can you show you were denied employment because your name was to black or because of your skin color.I am not saying settle for discrimination. We have fought it forever. But there are many ways to attack any one single issue. One being stop jumping through the name hoop. Contrary to the belief of some, African Americans are no longer property. And we are free to name our babies as we see fit. To regain an identity of our own. Our original names were beaten out of our culture once we arrived in America as slaves. Names like Mablevi and Zalika were not tolerated.

Our entire culture was destroyed and we were forced to accept the culture of those who enslaved us. As if we would then be like them. Better? Equal? United? No we were just lost, beat down and destroyed. So Understand what we are seeing take place is not ghetto, hood, or too black. It is a must. It is the black community reshaping itself. Among may things ailing African Americans today, identity of self is one of them. No one ever questions the names of Asian Americans, Latino Americans, Native Americans and so on. When we see the name Alvarez we accept it as a Latino name. Period. When we see the name Akira we accept it as a Japanese name. The face that owns the name is all that matters to the shallow.

Dashawn is an African American name. There is nothing wrong with it. The only reason we don’t accept our names is because we still think that we are slaves. Hell we don’t attend black universities because whites don’t respect their degrees. We don’t like our big nose and our thick lips. Our skin is too dark. Straight hair is better hair. It is more manageable. On and on and on. It is all bull shit to me. We can not continue to jump through these hoops of doubt. I want to end by saying or typing that it is ok to name your baby Lakeysha , Deshawn , Sharisha or Tamarr. Period.

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  1. #1 lakeysha
    on Dec 28th, 2008 at 9:05 am

    hey my middle name is lakeysha and i needed to hear that most pepole say that my name is a hot mess but i like it so thank you

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